Should People in Addiction Recovery Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Portrait of modern young man listening intently to other participants of group session sitting in circle sharing trouble discussing non-alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer is quickly becoming massively popular across the globe. This is, in part, fueled by the rise of craft beer as a standard thing. But, it’s also being pushed by health-conscious individuals including recovering and “recovered” alcoholics. For many of us, non-alcoholic beer can seem like an easier way out of having to avoid … Read more

The Most Difficult Drugs to Kick

Laguna-Shores-Recovery-The Most Difficult Drugs to Kick photo-of-depressed-Teenage-Boy-Lying-In-Bedroom-With-Pills

The United States is in the middle of an epidemic of drug use. An estimated 18.5 million people were addicted to drugs or alcohol in 2019. While that’s likely gone up in 2020, this works out to more than 1 in 20 Americans. Drug use is widely condoned and even seen as a bit of … Read more