Staying Positive in a Negativity-Dominated Media Environment

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Are you a regular user of social media? Do you wonder if social media will interfere with your recovery? Recovering individuals should watch out for media immersion which tends to have negative effects on your emotions. More and more research shows that social media has aggravating effects on mental health. For this reason, many treatment … Read more

How Do You Deal With the Stigma of Addiction?

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Are you familiar with the stigma that accompanies addiction? Do you know ways to combat that stigma? Stigma is a familiar experience for people with health conditions such as HIV, cancer, depression, anxiety, other mental illnesses, and especially addiction. Researchers have found that, compared to intervention on removing the stigma surrounding other forms of the … Read more

Do I Have to Avoid Triggers in Recovery?

Achieving sobriety, successfully finishing a residential detox or treatment program, or having months or years in recovery are all milestones to celebrate. After a time, though, complacency and over-confidence may set in. Although many suggest that you should avoid triggers in mid-to-long-term recovery, part of you may doubt this kind of strict “abstinence.” It is … Read more

How Does Relapse Work?

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For people in detox treatment and early sobriety, relapse is the number one thing to avoid. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates among recovering individuals range from 40 to 60 percent. This shows how common relapses happen and how difficult maintaining sobriety is on the journey to recovery. Understanding how relapses happen … Read more

Transparency With Your Support System

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Many people struggle with quitting drugs and alcohol largely because they are stuck in denial. For some, it is hard to admit that their addiction is a problem. Even if their finances and family relationships suffer due to addiction, many choose self-deception instead of honesty. For others, personal freedom and choice are barriers to accountability. … Read more

Living With a Spouse in Recovery

Is your spouse in recovery from substance abuse? Have you dreamed about life together after your spouse achieves sobriety? Your expectations might be high but, likely, life will not be as rosy as you imagine it will be post-recovery. In most cases, living with a recovering spouse is still challenging. Researchers find that over 48% of … Read more

Online Recovery Support vs. In-Person Support

Are you hesitating to enter an inpatient detox program? Do you prefer to use telemedicine to cope with recovery from addiction? The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an expansion of the demand for telemedicine and telehealth. Now, many innovative treatment centers offer telehealth events or e-counseling courses. People can get the care and treatment they … Read more