Can I Depend on My Recovery Community?

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Do you know what recovery from addiction takes? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Commission (SAMHSA) defines recovery from addiction as “a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives and strive to reach their full potential.” One can never achieve recovery from addiction on their own. Sustainable … Read more

Marital Relationship and Recovery

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Will marriage or relationship problems disappear after sobriety? Most people would answer, “No.” In fact, you can expect there to be more marital tensions to work through after a partner has recovered from addiction. Often, there will be a “honeymoon” phase when both partners are on their best behaviors for each other. After all, you … Read more

Sexuality, Addiction, and Sobriety

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The relationship between sex, addiction, and sobriety is complex. Among the many stress triggers in life, sexuality may be a hidden one. Sexual desires and orientation can contribute to addiction. Drugs and alcohol use can increase risky sexual behaviors. Sometimes people use drinking and drug use to achieve their highest level of sexual activity. Many also use … Read more

How Should I Work Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

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Have you found yourself caught up in internal dialogues that make you anxious? Do you sometimes feel that unhelpful thoughts are racing through your head and negatively impacting your mood? At an addiction recovery treatment center, you might be encouraged to work with a therapist to relieve these depression or anxiety-inducing symptoms. It is important … Read more