Learning to Forgive Yourself

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Do you have a hard time forgiving yourself? Are you struggling with your inner critic even after undergoing detox and treatment for addiction? Self-forgiveness presents a challenge to many people who are recovering from addiction. You are not alone in this feeling. There are practices to help you forgive yourself to achieve holistic wellness. The … Read more

Family Dynamics and Triggers During the Holidays

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Does the holiday season tend to bring you extra stress rather than joy? Do you fear emotional triggers during family reunions because of some strained relationships? Maybe you find this year’s holiday expectations particularly challenging if you have just entered early sobriety. The holidays might present many festive opportunities for drinking or peer pressures to … Read more

The Benefits of Vitamin D in Fall and Winter Seasons

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Do you tend to feel gloomy and down during the winter months? Are you concerned that winter is going to bring another bout of depression that might sabotage your recovery progress? Did you know that taking Vitamin D supplements may help alleviate some depressive mood disorders? Scientists find that most Americans are deficient in Vitamin … Read more

The Benefits of Community Service for Long-term Recovery

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Have you struggled with feelings of isolation during recovery? Are you hoping to re-enter society after a long journey to sobriety? Do you want to re-connect with others and even to give back to the community? Everyone needs a strong local community to thrive, and recovering individuals especially need to be surrounded by support. Some … Read more