Recovery May Improve Resilience to Other Addictions

Recovery May Improve Resilience to Other Addictions

People who have recovered from addiction to drugs and alcohol need to be cautioned against other forms of addictions that don’t often get talked about. These might include hoarding, TV addiction, food addiction, shopping addiction, sex addiction, social media addiction, and other kinds, collectively labeled behavioral addictions.  The reason why behavioral addictions may be easy … Read more

How Is Divorce Related to Youth Addiction?

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Adolescence and young adulthood are times when people are more likely to begin experimenting with drugs and other substances. There are many factors at play in this experimentation, such as traumatic childhood experiences or other mental health issues. One factor is common to many instances of adolescents getting into drugs or alcohol: parental divorce. The … Read more

Is COVID-19 Unemployment Causing Addiction?


The seemingly endless months of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a dramatic rise in mental health issues and addiction among young people and working adults. Alongside social isolation and other public health measures, structural unemployment due to the pandemic has become a significant contributor. Raising awareness of how unemployment and addiction can be closely … Read more

Are There Differences in Addiction Between Men and Women?

Men and Women

For many years, medical research has mainly studied the addictive behaviors of men. Women were not included in such studies until the 1990s. Understanding the distinctions between men and women who suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol is important for treatment. There are both biological and sociological causes behind these differences. What Are the … Read more

Why Is Narcissism Toxic in Relationships?

Why Is Narcissism Toxic in Relationships?

More and more people have started noticing and paying attention to a mental condition known as narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder. Unlike depression or compulsive disorders, narcissism is a more complicated package of causes, effects, and symptoms. Some people with narcissistic traits can behave very charmingly or even charismatically in front of the public, but … Read more