Addiction Rehab Cost

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Addiction Rehab Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

What will this cost me?

Will my policy cover addiction treatment?

Am I responsible for copay and co-insurance?

Will my insurance cover out-of-state treatment?

What if I prefer to go to a luxury treatment center?

These are some of the questions people ask us each day.  There is no easy, one-size fits all answer. Each insurance plan is different, which means that some plans will cover 100% of your rehab costs while others cover less.
The cost of rehab depends upon a number of factors including:

  • Your insurance plan<
  • Addiction type
  • Treatment Type
  • Length of Stay
  • Location of treatment center
      (Many people think treatment centers in their home state are less expensive. This isn’t necessarily true.)
  • Amenities provided, etc.

To quote you without knowing more about your situation would be unprofessional and highly irresponsible. It could cost you more than it should and it could potentially affect the quality of treatment you receive. To know for sure, please submit a Free Insurance Verification by clicking the button below.