What is the Wall Stage in Recovery?

Scientists and counselors often used a life course paradigm to categorize the entire spectrum of recovery into five stages: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. However, within the action stage, when you enter into treatment, this part of recovery can also break down into four additional stages: withdrawal, honeymoon, the wall, and adjustment.  Among these, … Read more

How Does Addiction Affect the Brain?

Scientific research on addiction and the human brain has long revealed that the biochemistry and anatomy of neurons alter their pathways when a person uses substances frequently. Some drugs may even have a long-term or permanent impact on the brain. However, some scientists and healthcare professionals contend that this neurological theory is deterministic or fatalistic … Read more

Breaking Generational Dysfunction

Families are places where loving relationships and trust are meant to flourish. However, in reality, destructive patterns abound in families, and some get passed down from one generation to the next. Tragically, dysfunction in one generation can beget dysfunctions in the next.  Unfortunately, the human community continues to produce fractured families. However, this does not … Read more

Emotional Flatness: How to Restore Your Emotions

Do you remember a time when life used to feel like a rainbow full of bright colors? Or sometimes it can also feel like a roller coaster ride with emotional ups and downs? Have you noticed that your current emotional life is in a different place than before?  Instead of experiencing the natural, exciting waves … Read more

7 Ways to Cope with Anxiety Naturally


Anxiety is one of the most common disorders in the United States. With some 40 million Americans struggling with some form of anxiety, the disorder affects more than 3% of the population. Yet, less than 35% of us ever seek out treatment. Despite that, anxiety is a highly treatable disorder, and tactics like cognitive behavioral … Read more