Laguna Shores Recovery

Laguna Shores Recovery is an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in Mission Viejo, California. Our passion lies in showing that life begins in recovery. We accept you where you are in your unique journey to provide support, love, and encouragement through any obstacles. 

Our staff operates as one big family; the majority of us are in recovery as well. We actively attend meetings with one another and the alumni of our program. This sense of commonality helps our clients feel welcomed from the very beginning of their stay. Our staff is always here as clients come and go, forming bonds and continually working toward the best recovery experience. Some graduates of our program have even joined our staff as they continue their recovery!

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Our Detox Center offers specialized drug and alcohol detoxification programs to combat damaging and painful withdrawal symptoms. Our medical professionals provide 24/7 monitoring to minimize pain, risks, and complications. To make this process as pleasant as possible, we even go out of our way to pick up special requests from the grocery store like snacks and movie rentals. 

Residential Rehab

Laguna Shores Recovery provides treatment for people struggling with alcoholism or substance use disorders (SUD). Our inpatient treatment program is immersive and allows clients opportunities to overcome addiction and reach long-term recovery. Here, people in our program make lasting friendships with our staff and fellow clients.

Healing the Whole Person: Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

At Laguna Shores, we want to know your background in depth; uncovering past trauma, behaviors, and triggers is key to lasting recovery. We are experts in co-occurring mental health conditions and how they affect addiction. Our licensed therapist specializes in: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Bipolar Disorder

Dual-diagnosis treatment can help you learn about yourself, how mental health directly impacts your addiction, and prevent relapse in the future.

Our Treatment Environment 

Laguna Shores Recovery is located minutes from Laguna Beach in Orange County, California. Our facility is designed to feel more like home and less like a hospital. We value comfort and thrive on making our clients feel like a welcomed part of our family in recovery. 

Here at Laguna Shores, we have a phrase: “If you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living.” We know that a sense of humor through the most challenging times can benefit mental health and well-being. 

Why Choose Laguna Shores? 

Laguna Shores helps rebuild lives and repair relationships in recovery. The truth is, addiction consumes every aspect of a person’s life. We strive to help regain all of those aspects in recovery.  

Through our treatment, you can:

Change your narrative. First, we want to know what you want out of addiction treatment. Long-term sobriety must come from within, so we are here to help guide you to setting goals and achieving them, not assigning them to you. 

Get back to your family. We understand how addiction affects the family unit. We can help you repair relationships and understand your addiction through the eyes of your family. 

Focus on your goals. With individualized and group therapy, a 1:1 staff-to-client ratio, and outdoor activities, we work and play hard with you to reach lasting recovery. We want you to get the most out of every therapy session, and our goal is to help you reach a stage of self-confidence that allows you to achieve your own goals.


Laguna Shores Recovery is proudly in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Anthem Insurance. 

If you or a loved one are looking for a relaxing, upbeat, supportive recovery center to help work through addiction, Laguna Shores Recovery is the place to be. We are JHACO accredited, IMS Certified, and provide individualized treatment programs with a 12-Step approach. Call us today at 866-934-5276 for more information.