What Is the Relationship Between Compulsions and Addiction?

What Is the Relationship Between Compulsions and Addiction?

If you are concerned about your own substance use issue or that of your loved one, understanding more about what causes it and what symptoms might co-occur can help you take steps forward. This is especially important for people who experience or observe compulsions that might accompany addiction. Compulsion and addiction have an intertwined relationship … Read more

What Are the 5 Stages of Recovery?

Addiction recovery is a long journey. It is certainly not a linear process but rather one with bumps along the way. Based on research and holistic treatments, generally, there are a few distinct stages to address challenges in recovery. They are known as “the stages of recovery.” These stages help highlight the different factors that … Read more

Can You Overcome Genetics in Addiction?

Why are some people more likely to become addicted while others are not? Does this have to do with genetics? For years, scientists have discussed the biological link between genetics and their influence on addiction. Thanks to more recent genome sequencing techniques, there is more information to help shed light on the connection between genetics … Read more