An alumnus of an addiction treatment program is someone who has successfully completed and graduated from the program and is beginning to build their life in recovery outside of treatment. Once an individual becomes an alumnus of a treatment program, they return home and back to work, school, and normal daily activities. This can be an overwhelming transition. Rehab centers like Laguna Shores Recovery help prepare clients for this period by providing resources and information like resume writing and job coaching, applying for government benefits, job and school searching, and building responsibilities.

Even after graduating from a treatment program, additional services like aftercare or meetings may be available for alumni. Taking advantage of these services provides support and guidance that alumni may be lacking in their everyday lives. These alumni services make a big difference, especially when individuals are feeling the urge to relapse.

Recovery from addiction is something that needs daily maintenance. Completing a treatment program for addiction does not guarantee a smooth, stress-free life ahead. Ongoing support from the staff and members of the facility beyond graduating provides comfort and peace of mind.

The decision to participate in an addiction treatment program that offers services to its alumni plays a significant role in the outcome of a client’s long-term recovery. Alumni programs act as a beacon of hope for clients in recovery by allowing them to return to a comfortable community where they feel welcomed and understood. Within this community are trustworthy people they can turn to when they need it most.

Alumni can benefit from additional programs following treatment by:

A smooth, gradual transition into regular life. As mentioned, the transition back home after treatment can be overwhelming, and the pressure may even cause a desire to relapse. Being a part of an alumni program provides clients comfort in knowing they are welcome to participate in meetings and events in the same treatment center when in need of additional support.

Helping others. A significant part of an alumni program involves showing support to newly recovering addicts. Assisting people in similar situations provides alumni with a sense of purpose, goodwill, and community that they may not receive in their everyday lives.

Celebrating their success with others. The staff and medical professionals involved in an individual’s treatment know better than anyone how hard they fought for recovery. Celebrating sober birthdays, job offers, or any other accomplishments together keeps alumni motivated through difficult times in recovery.

Forming lifelong bonds. Having a positive, supportive social circle plays a prominent role in the success of those in recovery. Programs and events allow alumni to form friendships and build positive, impactful bonds that encourage recovery.

Learning from others. Learning does not end once a client graduates from a treatment program for a SUD. Alumni may find they need additional advice, resources, or education once they step into the real world again. Alumni programs are in place to ensure these individuals receive the support they need.

Engaging in fun, sober activities. Finding enjoyable, sober ways to spend downtime in recovery can be difficult. Treatment centers often provide events, activities, and dinners for alumni as opportunities to have fun in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Alumni Program at Laguna Shores Recovery

Our Philosophy

Aftercare begins the minute a client steps foot in our Mission Viejo, California, facility. Laguna Shores Recovery recognizes that preparing clients for the outside world is one of the primary goals of treatment. Following treatment, Laguna Shores emphasizes the importance of continued, ongoing support for clients who have graduated from our residential and detox programs. Our staff emphasizes having fun in recovery, and that does not stop once clients complete our program.

Even informally, our clients form lifelong connections with our staff; even our CEO welcomes calls, texts, or emails from alumni with updates on their lives in recovery because their success is what we strive for. All of our staff, with the exception of one employee, are in recovery themselves. They often attend meetings with alumni of our treatment program as well.

The Specifics

On the first Thursday of every month, Laguna Shores Recovery offers meetings at our facility that alumni are welcome to attend. These meetings offer additional support and guidance while providing alumni with a community of individuals they can relate to and trust.

This alumni meeting is followed by dinner or an outing. The Laguna Shores and Mission Viejo area is rich in both indoor and outdoor activities like laser tag, movie theaters, ropes courses, surfing, and boat and bike tours. Laguna Shores Recovery takes advantage of these amenities by providing fun, sober events for alumni. We will also hold events where our alumni are invited to attend and participate as well.

We also have a Facebook group dedicated to our alumni to ensure our clients never feel forgotten after leaving our treatment programs. We actively check in on them, hold them accountable in meetings, and support them through the challenges they may face in long-term recovery.

Clients should take advantage of alumni programs and services offered by recovery centers as they provide additional support, encouragement, and motivation in recovery. Laguna Shores Recovery understands and emphasizes the role aftercare plays in recovery, and that is why aftercare treatment begins as soon as our clients start treatment. If you are searching for an addiction treatment center with a rich alumni community, call Laguna Shores today at (954) 237-7730.

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