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At Laguna Shores Recovery, we provide medically-assisted detoxification from drugs and alcohol as well as residential inpatient treatment following detox. We help anyone struggling with a substance abuse disorder (SUD) with 24/7 care; we believe in treating the physical aspects of addiction and tapping into the mental and spiritual healing for lasting recovery. We offer evidence-based addiction treatment therapies through one-on-one sessions with our psychiatrist and therapist as well as group support through a 12-Step program.

Although we take addiction treatment very seriously and do our part to hold our clients accountable, we also have a lot of fun here at Laguna Shores. We do everything in our power to make our clients comfortable throughout their stay and provide them with positive, memorable experiences to look back on in recovery. To achieve this, we offer experiential therapy that incorporates equine therapy, adventures, art classes, yoga sessions, and mindfulness. We know the importance of partaking in sober activities after treatment, so we will try to expose our clients to as many as possible while in our care.

What to Expect During Treatment at Laguna Shores Recovery

Receiving residential addiction treatment is a big step, as it requires you to stay in a facility for a period of time away from home and family. Knowing what to expect out of your time in treatment can settle some anxiety and uncertainty.


Before residential treatment, the first and most critical step to recovery is removing drugs from the body through detox. This process can result in severe and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, so our medical professionals will closely monitor your vitals and mental state at this time. Medically-assisted treatment can be beneficial to preventing some of the more dangerous withdrawal symptoms and complications like seizures.

Residential Rehab

After completing detox, our staff will celebrate and share your enthusiasm as you progress into the next step in our program: inpatient or residential rehab. Before residential treatment begins, our medical professionals will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your emotional behavior, educational status, social needs, and family life to compile a fully individualized treatment plan in hopes that you will benefit from everything Laguna Shores has to offer. During your stay, you will be exposed to many different treatment therapies.

Detox may treat the physical effects of recovery from drug or substance addiction, but residential treatment is the ideal environment to address any psychological effects like cravings, poor coping mechanisms, and unhealthy boundaries. We will also utilize dual-diagnosis treatment during this time because we believe you cannot treat addiction without treating the co-occurring mental disorders that may have influenced them.

The average stay at our Mission Viejo facility is usually 30 days. Residential treatment is where you have the opportunity to understand your addiction and triggers, learn new coping methods and activities, meet new people with similar backgrounds, and begin to heal for lasting recovery.

Benefits of Residential Rehab

One of the primary benefits of temporarily moving to an addiction treatment facility is that you will no longer have access to drugs or alcohol like you would in your daily routine at home. That’s why residential rehab is considered the most immersive form of addiction treatment, as it offers around-the-clock care.

During your stay at Laguna Shores Recovery, you will have scheduled daily activities to adhere to. The only exception to this schedule is during detox. Once this phase is completed, our staff will do their part to keep you accountable. Having structure — such as being in bed on time or attending meetings — can be beneficial in the early stages of recovery. Laguna Shores offers a stable environment with people that genuinely care about your achievements at every stage.

Our licensed psychiatrist, therapist, and caseworker will meet with you throughout the week to tune into your emotions, challenges, and how they can help. Even if you don’t have a scheduled appointment with them, we operate an open-door policy. This means you can receive instant help for cravings, doubts, questions, and the effects of a co-occurring disorder. Care is provided 24/7 in a non-hospital setting; that’s why it is called residential rehab. Our facilities are designed for you to live in and feel as much at home as possible.

During support group meetings, you will be able to listen to stories from other clients with similar experiences, see how they overcame them, and offer support as well. As you get more comfortable, you can also share stories — both triumphs and trials — and receive support and comfort from a group of people who understand what you are going through.

Through support groups and time spent around our staff, you can make lasting friendships that will extend beyond graduating from our program. We know that returning home following treatment can be intimidating, as you may not have a stable support group. We will be the foundation for your recovery.

Even though the average length of stay at Laguna Shores Residential Rehab is 30 days, we will ensure you are as prepared to return to the real world as possible. Laguna Shores Recovery offers life skills courses about how to build a daily schedule of chores and self-care. Following recovery, returning home can be stressful trying to maintain a schedule and structure. We try to ease some of that stress by teaching you how to balance a checkbook, pay bills, follow recipes, and make your own schedule.

Residential rehab is an immersive form of addiction treatment that requires a person to stay in a facility to receive around-the-clock care from professionals for addiction and co-occurring disorders. At Laguna Shores Recovery, our clients receive individualized treatment centered around their needs. Call us today to learn more about our facility and treatment plans at (954) 237-7730.

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