Sober Night Activities in Mission Viejo

The Importance of Sober Activities in Recovery

During active addiction, individuals spend a significant portion of their time under the influence of drugs and seeking the next high. Becoming newly sober under these circumstances may cause you to realize that you have a lot of extra time to fill, which can cause boredom, loneliness, and even a desire to relapse. Finding positive, sober activities or hobbies you are passionate about will help fulfill your life in recovery and fight those feelings of despair. 

Here at Laguna Shores Recovery, we recognize the importance of having fun in recovery. On the other hand, with recovery comes responsibilities, accountability, and an investment into the life you want for yourself. Filling your free time with activities will remind you why you chose to fight for sobriety and help you start your life in recovery

At Laguna Shores, we include experiential therapy in our detox and residential treatment programs; this form of therapy includes hands-on activities, encourages self-reflection, and looks at past problems with a new perspective. Activities we offer through this therapy — like museum trips, rope courses, zip-lining, and more — can positively impact memories made in treatment at Laguna Shores. 

This guide can be a resource for those looking for sober activities near Mission Viejo, California, on nights where you want to have fun. 


Artistic activities can relieve stress and activate pleasure receptors in the brain. There are many art museums to visit in the Laguna Shores area where you can both view art and make it yourself through classes and nightly workshops. Museums surrounding the Mission Viejo area showcase two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces that contribute to California’s rich art culture. 

If you enjoy being the artist behind the works, art centers in this area host low-cost classes for adults. Some lessons they provide include jewelry making, knitting, ceramics, painting, drawing, calligraphy, dance, and more. Studios in Laguna Shores offer ceramics classes and workshops to all skill levels. These centers also provide open studios you can browse during business hours. Looking through the studio can spark inspiration, and you can even purchase some of the pieces. 


Reading is a relaxing activity usually done alone, but joining a group of fellow book lovers through book clubs can be an easy way to join a positive community in recovery. Libraries in Mission Viejo host evening book club events suitable for a sober night out. They also hold volunteer opportunities if you have a passion for giving back to your community. Some libraries also host film screenings and discussions if you are more interested in movies. 

Shopping and Food in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo houses many small plazas and shopping centers for a low-key night of shopping and dining. Shopping and restaurants can be a fun, sober way to spend some time with your favorite people. Some shopping centers in the area also have movie theatres, laser tag, and shops where you can buy clothes, home decor, hardware, and accessories. There is also a pocket of thrift stores near Laguna Hills, just north of Mission Viejo, for any second-hand shoppers. 

There is no denying that there is something special about bonding over good food with the ones you love. There are many different restaurants to choose from in the area to satisfy almost any craving. From classic American burgers and fries to Thai, Japanese, Italian, and Indian food, you will not have trouble finding the perfect restaurant for your night out. 

Beach Sunsets and Activities

Mission Viejo is located just 20 minutes from Laguna Beach. Here, you can spend an afternoon swimming and enjoying a beautiful beach sunset. Adventures in nature can free the mind and release energy during recovery, and spending a day at the beach can help you wind down and alleviate stress. Absorbing Vitamin D from the sun can also promote a healthy body and mind. 

If you need a little more activity during your afternoon at the beach, there are opportunities for whale watching and surf lessons as well as kayak, paddleboat, and electric bike tours. 

Music: Making It and Hearing It 

Music is another form of artistic expression that releases endorphins and relieves stress. You can experience the positive effects of music by going to a concert or picking up an instrument yourself. The Mission Viejo area provides plenty of opportunities to do both. 

If you are looking to master a new instrument, music centers in Mission Viejo offer voice, piano, drum, guitar, music production lessons, and more. Learning a new instrument can be a great way to blow off steam and express yourself in a positive, healthy way. 

You can also take advantage of the local music scene by attending various concerts hosted by organizations in the parks of Mission Viejo and surrounding areas. At these concerts, you can hear classical music from orchestras and symphonies as well as music from well-known rock and jazz groups.

Museum Visits

If art museums aren’t your thing, there are historical museums in the Mission Viejo area that showcase artifacts native to the area. Besides history, there are car museums, gardens, aquariums, and beautiful architecture to enjoy on a night out in Mission Viejo. Museums and other historical centers are a practical way to learn more about the area. Nature centers, gardens, and parks can teach you about local plant and animal life. 


Games and activities like arcades and escape rooms can be a great way to enjoy time with friends and family on sober nights out in Mission Viejo. Gaming centers can also introduce you to a community of fellow video game lovers. 

If you like games centered around puzzle solving and mysteries, escape rooms require you and a group of friends to spot clues, follow backstories, and fit pieces of a puzzle to escape from the room before time runs out. Activities like this promote teamwork and communication as you work together on your escape plan. It can also test your mystery-solving abilities and stimulate the brain. 

There are virtual reality arcades with many different video games to play for those with good hand-eye coordination. Here, you can bring a group of friends and challenge them to a hands-on virtual battle. 

Finding sober activities that fill free time in recovery is essential for relieving stress and maintaining a positive outlook. Laguna Shores Recovery emphasizes the importance of having a good time in recovery. Call us today to learn more about our treatment programs at (954) 329-1118.