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Will my policy cover addiction treatment? Am I responsible for copay and co-insurance? Will my insurance cover out-of-state treatment?

These are some of the questions people ask us each day.  You can find answers to these and more questions below, however, there is no easy, one-size fits all answer. Each insurance plan is different, which means that some plans will cover 100% of your rehab costs while others cover less.

The cost of rehab depends upon a number of factors including:

  • Your insurance plan: The type of plan has a big impact on what services are covered and any deductibles that may be connected.
  • Addiction type: More complex needs may require more services and increase costs associated with treatment
  • Treatment type: Some types of treatments are more likely to be covered than others.
  • Length of stay: How long you stay in the treatment program has a big impact on recovery and the cost associated.
  • Location of treatment center: Many people think treatment centers in their home state are less expensive. This isn’t necessarily true.
  • Amenities provided: Additional services that are provided by the treatment center will impact the cost and quality of treatment.

To quote you without knowing more about your situation would be unprofessional and highly irresponsible. It could cost you more than it should and it could potentially affect the quality of treatment you receive. To know for sure, please submit a Free Insurance Verification by clicking the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive calls from handfuls of patients every day. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear.

We’re located less than 25 miles from the John Wayne Airport located in Orange County, CA. For more information please click here.

The cost of detox treatment varies from person to person, and type of detox treatment needed. These are things that need to be discussed over the phone, and a thorough questionnaire needs to be completed. Please contact us directly or start the process by verifying your insurance.

Yes, medical insurance will cover your detox treatment at Laguna Shores Recovery. Please contact us for complete details.

Upon admission to our Orange County detox facility, our clinical team will create a personalized curriculum consisting of evidence-based treatment and psychotherapy, as well as a variety of holistic and experiential therapies. Our goal for you or your loved one is to continue to overcome physical dependency in order to receive a personalized approach to addiction treatment to give you or your loved one a foundation for a new beginning to life and the life skills necessary to thrive in this world while nurturing healthy relationships.

At the end of the day, treatment has to be a decision made by the person in need. With this being said, there are many different ways to help them see the need. Resistance is a part of the process and we expect it. If a loved one is simply unwilling to go to treatment based on the families pleas, we do have specialized intervention services available. If you feel that a professional intervention is needed, please speak to one of our representatives.

Yes. In fact, this is a part of your treatment from the moment we start talking to you. It is certainly one of the most important elements of the hole process, as your long term success will depend on how solid your aftercare plan is, and how motivated you are to follow it.

Though there are several steps in finding full recovery from drug and alcohol addiction none is more important than the first step of treatment known as Detoxification or Detox. This is the beginning of the journey of the guest and a vital step in seeing the individual get the opportunity to accept his/her treatment. The goal of this phase is returning the guests body to its prior state of being before being physically addicted to drugs or alcohol. If this step is not taken fully and safely then the guest never gets the opportunity to be fully clean (or clear) to realize His/Her treatment. Laguna Shores Recovery is committed to helping those under our care to detox completely so that they can be fully present for the recovery process to begin and endure.

In many cases, detox does work. In fact it is one of the most effective treatment options available to us. Fear is the biggest stumbling block for anyone facing an addiction or mental health problem. Let us assure you that detoxing is not to be feared, in fact what should be feared is life with untreated addiction or mental health problems.

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