Can My Body Heal From the Harm Addiction Caused?

Can My Body Heal From the Harm Addiction Caused?

Healing from the harm addiction caused you is essential to your recovery. The physical harm that addiction causes can be detrimental if gon unaddressed. Unfortunately, some individuals suffer physically from their addiction and do not make it out. 

Sometimes, due to the outward-in view, people only see the exterior damages of addition. The loss of a job never seems to go unnoticed. Belligerent episodes and social or public indecency are, at a point, expected. You may even miss your invitation to some events due to an assumption of how you may disturb the environment.

Some will notice a fat face, irritated skin, or rotting teeth. However, it seems that so many miss the internal side effects that coincide with what is seen externally. You may not even notice your body shutting down. Sometimes it is not until you begin recovery and seek treatment for your addiction that you realize the harm addiction cost your body. However, healing from all of the harm addiction caused you, even if fatal, may be possible.

What Addiction Does to the Body

There are so many different ways in which the body can be harmed by addiction. Sure there are the visible side effects, such as bruising and the evidence of an unkempt lifestyle. When you begin the journey of recovery, you start to notice the things that were drastically changed within you.

The first day you spend sober can feel like a physical, mental, and emotional roller coaster. Your body and your brain are used to you refueling it nonstop. So you will immediately start to feel different just in the act of not using.

You may find it difficult to sleep as your drug of choice was your sedative. Cravings will likely start on day one as your body is used to not having to crave it due to a constant supply. Your eating habits can immediately be affected as well. Maybe you have no appetite now or it is all out of whack. Or maybe you overcompensate for the lack of use and overeat instead.

These are all changes that can be hard to heal from. Your body had a physical dependency on your drug of choice. Evidence indicates that when in addiction all of your physical, mental, and emotional associations with pleasure and necessity may have been altered.  So there has been physical form harm by allowing your drug of choice to be your sole need for everything. And now the absence of it feels like you are harming yourself by deprivation. 

Healing From the Harm Addiction Caused You

Your addiction caused your mind to shut down so that your body only responds to that need. So, as you were fulfilling this need, your body was made susceptible to greater damage as well. Addiction can cause physical harm, such as:

  • lung or heart disease
  • stroke
  • mental health conditions
  • cirrhosis of the liver
  • cancer
  • hepatitis

As healing begins, like simply choosing to start your journey of recovery, there may be many concerns to address in treatment. Your sleep patterns, hygiene, and appetite will soon regulate and balance out. However, many physical damages of addiction require more than just being clean.

Seeing a doctor can increase your chances of total physical healing. You may have cirrhosis of the liver and were never sober enough to notice the symptoms. Also, going to see the dentist is vital.  Not only can the dentist fix your smile, but they will know and be able to tell you if other issues in the body have developed from the oral damage that has been done.

Treatment for cancer, heart, disease, or other life-threatening diseases can save your life if caught in time and addressed. Many individuals miss doctor’s visits or just do not make them for years while in addiction. 

It is as if your brain is turned off and all of the things that make sense that you would normally do to ensure a healthy life, you simply do not. So now that the light is flickering and trying to come back on, you have to figure out the level of harm that addiction caused your body.

It is necessary to take the steps early in recovery. Some physical damages of addiction may have lasted for the bulk of your active addiction. Therefore, the sooner you are diagnosed and treated the better. 

Find Healing From Harm Addiction Caused You With Laguna Shores Recovery Center

Some side effects of addiction can be long-lasting and even permanent. It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone catches the life-threatening physical harm of addiction in time. Sometimes individuals die in active addiction, or they get treatment and recover, but still lose their life due to one of the side effects of their addiction that was not addressed in enough time. 

Here at Laguna Shores Recovery Center, we offer help to our clients not just to get clean and sober, but to find physical healing as well. The desire to escape the preoccupation with self-avoidance is what we are here to fulfill. 

In seeking treatment here, we will offer a physical assessment upon arrival to determine your health needs. We offer multiple options to heal from the side effects of addiction such as adventure therapy, nutrition, life skills, and more. These resources can help you to address your health issues and give you the motivation and strength to live again. 

Start Your Journey Today

If you are wanting to see treatment and heal your mind, body, and soul we want to help you reach that goal. Addiction can be brutal, but through recovery, your body can heal from the hard addiction caused you. 

Laguna Shores Recovery Center is dedicated to the success of your recovery. Let us help you heal your body, mind, and soul. Your life is more than worth it!

Addiction can take a toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. In some ways, those damages are all interconnected and affect the next. Your body can heal from the harm addiction caused it. Timing does matter when it comes to your body being given a chance to recover from the side effects of addiction properly. As time waits for no one and some side effects are greater than others, not all of the scars of addiction can heal. Some individuals lose their lives in addiction or in recovery trying to heal from their wounds. For more information on how to start your journey of recovery, call Laguna Shores Recovery Center at (866) 774-1532