Benefits of a Balanced Life Rhythm

Benefits of a Balanced Life Rhythm

You may have heard about the importance of maintaining a work-life balance to achieve wellness. Did you know that a balanced lifestyle has a certain rhythm to it too? Many health experts emphasize that being aware of this balanced life rhythm can best promote positive health outcomes. Parting ways with chaotic disorder while rebuilding this rhythm in life can help individuals in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD).

Creating a Life Rhythm

We often use words such as “habits” or “routine” to describe day-to-day activities that gradually become established. These are parts of an overarching “rhythm” of life, with active stages and pausing stages. Your body is built for following a certain rhythm which sets expectations, gives certainty, and minimizes stress.

A healthy lifestyle is characterized by a good life rhythm, including a good diet, exercise, and sleep routines. These make up the building blocks of good emotional and mental health, but have you ever wondered why? Creating a rhythm for the day allows you to take the time to do things you love, which promotes emotional well-being, as well as be productive and get necessary tasks completed without stress.

A healthy rhythm at work and home creates a natural flow during the day. It will certainly reap positive health benefits compared with a frenzy and rushed daily routine. When you balance life and work tasks with breaks and relaxation worked in, it can help you get into a good rhythm. Your rhythm doesn’t have to look the same every day; it just has to have balance. You might have certain days of the week where you exercise more, other days where you focus more on cleaning, and others where you give yourself more free time for your favorite activities.

The Importance of a Sense of Freedom

As human beings, we sometimes need grounding. We need to feel settled in a work environment where familiarity brings comfort. When you lack grounding, you may experience a bit of chaos. However, when you give yourself time to ground yourself in the present location or situation, you can find a sense of freedom.

This awareness of freedom at work or home is essential because it protects a sense of inner peace that can be threatened by large workloads or a frenzy of activities. Resisting these sources of stress is important but difficult. A well-balanced life rhythm means you can be grounded and have good routines, but it also provides a sense of freedom to flow with the unexpected without being overwhelmed.

Establishing Rhythm

A big part of work-life balance is achieved by maintaining the boundary between work and family life. Even at home, you can establish a predictable and balanced rhythm. If you are married or have kids, setting up this rhythm can be beneficial for other members of the family. Young children need routines and rhythms to coach them into adopting healthy habits, such as having meals and going to bed at the same time every day.

Build the rhythm of your family life by following the rhythms of nature. Notice the rising and setting of the sun, and plan morning and evening habits around it. Your body is permeated with natural rhythm, including your breathing, your heartbeat, and your sleep patterns. Leaning into these rhythms instead of working against them helps you create a rhythm for the rest of your life.

A Healthy Rhythm Helps You Be Proactive

When you are not physically and mentally in sync with the natural rhythm of life, it’s easy to become reactive to life events. However, when you have positive daily habits and routines in place, they build structures that prepare you to be proactive. You can remain calm in any storm.

How can you improve rhythm awareness? Take one day to scrutinize your routines and write down when you tend to lose a sense of freedom and calm. Then think about what you can do around those areas of your life to build in structure that makes them sit more naturally in your life rhythm. If this is a team meeting time, work on preparing an agenda beforehand so that there is a structure in place and less anxiety due to uncertainty. If it is bedtime for children, build in some rituals so that your children will start to understand the cues.

You can also pay close attention to cycles and season changes. If you tend to get depressed with a certain regularity, such as winter months, plan an intervention to build relaxation activities. Work on time management in your life rhythm to avoid procrastination and stress. Live one day at a time with a rhythm of freedom and your health may improve.

If you have a loved one who is receiving addiction treatment and has achieved sobriety, this is cause for celebration. At this point, they’re going to need your help for support, motivation, and accountability. You can encourage your loved one by helping them rebuild a life rhythm that is more in sync with nature. At Laguna Shores Recovery, our experienced mental health professionals can coach and support you when you need treatment. We have a wide range of resources to support you in rebuilding a healthy lifestyle. A natural rhythm of life in sync with your body’s needs and season changes is crucial for sustainable recovery. Good life rhythms bring balance, predictability, and freedom from stress. You do not need to do it alone, and we have a strong community to support you. For more information, call Laguna Shores today at 866-934-5276.