Recovery and Coping Strategies for Parenting

Are you a parent who is in recovery from addiction? Parenting, even without the addition of substance abuse recovery, can be challenging. You must attend to your child’s basic needs and routines; you must make sure that they are meeting developmental milestones; you also want to see them growing academically and thriving socially. It takes … Read more

Marital Relationship and Recovery

a group of adults making a circle

Will marriage or relationship problems disappear after sobriety? Most people would answer, “No.” In fact, you can expect there to be more marital tensions to work through after a partner has recovered from addiction. Often, there will be a “honeymoon” phase when both partners are on their best behaviors for each other. After all, you … Read more

Can Loneliness Affect Recovery?

As human beings, we need to be social. However, each of us has experienced periods of loneliness in life. For people with mental health or addiction issues, loneliness can be a common occurrence. The Cigna U.S. Loneliness Index indicates that younger generations experience higher levels of loneliness, leading to many mental health and behavioral problems. … Read more

How to Understand the Relationship Between Rock Bottom and Addiction?

In our daily language, “hitting rock bottom” means reaching your lowest point. In the area of addiction and recovery, “rock bottom” may refer to a moment when you have come to your rope’s end as a result of your substance use habits. You might experience thoughts such as,  “my life is totally out of my … Read more