The Benefits of Art Therapy for Recovery

Did you know that emotional healing is a big part of recovery from addiction? Medical professionals have sought out many ways to facilitate the restoration of healthy emotional expression. One of these approaches is art therapy. The use of art therapy as a supplementary intervention strategy has been used effectively in the treatments of cancer, mental … Read more

How Do You Deal With the Stigma of Addiction?

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Are you familiar with the stigma that accompanies addiction? Do you know ways to combat that stigma? Stigma is a familiar experience for people with health conditions such as HIV, cancer, depression, anxiety, other mental illnesses, and especially addiction. Researchers have found that, compared to intervention on removing the stigma surrounding other forms of the … Read more

How Does Relapse Work?

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For people in detox treatment and early sobriety, relapse is the number one thing to avoid. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates among recovering individuals range from 40 to 60 percent. This shows how common relapses happen and how difficult maintaining sobriety is on the journey to recovery. Understanding how relapses happen … Read more

Transparency With Your Support System

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Many people struggle with quitting drugs and alcohol largely because they are stuck in denial. For some, it is hard to admit that their addiction is a problem. Even if their finances and family relationships suffer due to addiction, many choose self-deception instead of honesty. For others, personal freedom and choice are barriers to accountability. … Read more

Sexuality, Addiction, and Sobriety

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The relationship between sex, addiction, and sobriety is complex. Among the many stress triggers in life, sexuality may be a hidden one. Sexual desires and orientation can contribute to addiction. Drugs and alcohol use can increase risky sexual behaviors. Sometimes people use drinking and drug use to achieve their highest level of sexual activity. Many also use … Read more

Can You Overcome Genetics in Addiction?

Why are some people more likely to become addicted while others are not? Does this have to do with genetics? For years, scientists have discussed the biological link between genetics and their influence on addiction. Thanks to more recent genome sequencing techniques, there is more information to help shed light on the connection between genetics … Read more

How Does Your Social Life Change With Sobriety?

Social life is essential for someone who is recovering from addiction. Let’s face it: going to treatment was hard, and you need to have some fun. However, your social life will now look different. You must work on rebuilding your social life now that you have had the opportunity to develop healthy habits and avoid … Read more