Author name: Matthew Beck B.A, M.A, LMFT

Matthew is a licensed marriage and family therapist who is passionate about building the lives of those suffering from addiction.  His professional goal is to give each and every client the tools necessary to maintain a successful and sober lifestyle post treatment. Matthew uses a variety of clinical modalities and prefers a person-centered, cognitive behavioral, solution-focused approach to therapy.

mental health goals

Setting Mental Health Goals for the New Year

Everyone knows the process of making New Year’s resolutions and goals, for better or for worse. Many people set well-intentioned goals about losing weight, improving organization, quitting drinking or smoking, or improving finances, but what about goals for mental health? Simply stating “I want to be happier” isn’t going to enhance your mental health, or make you feel less stressed; setting specific and attainable goals can.

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family member having a sober thanksgiving

Navigating Sober Thanksgiving: Your Comprehensive Guide

Thanksgiving is a time of year renowned for wonderful food, laughter, and keeping company with the most cherished of loved ones. This nationwide celebration is a reminder of blessings and provision. However, for those suffering from substance use disorder, it can be a difficult time to even be present in these moments; these moments are more ripe than ever with beer, wine, and excessive amounts of food.

Navigating Sober Thanksgiving: Your Comprehensive Guide Read More »

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