How Can I Plan Sober Activities in Winter?

How Can I Plan Sober Activities in Winter?

The days have gotten shorter and colder. However, this does not mean that your sober activities must be limited. On the contrary, it may be more important than ever to find fun things to occupy your time in the winter months.

Socializing with sober friends is a great way to boost your emotional and mental health. Even in the colder months, there are an array of activities that you can participate in. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative to make it fun. 

Why Do I Need Sober Activities for Winter?

For people in recovery, it is important to plan sober activities in the winter. This season can be a long, dull, and dry wait until the sun comes out again. Most people have a tough time keeping up with their everyday routines in winter, whether due to the weather or a lack of motivation because of the shorter days. Without activities to look forward to, mental health challenges may occur. This is especially detrimental for those in recovery, as poor mental health makes it easy to slip back into old habits.

Winter Blues” is often used to refer to seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Usually, people struggle with this disorder in colder months. Some symptoms of the winter blues are:

  • Fatigue 
  • Drowsiness
  • Plunge in moodiness
  • Irritability
  • Isolation

Rest assured, hope is never far away. Some winter activities can boost your mood and give you something to look forward to. Laguna Shores Recovery provides an alumni program that can introduce you to sober activities in the winter months.

Join a Book Club 

A book club is a space where people gather and discuss books they have read. Most book clubs meet in libraries, private places, or within their homes. Joining a book club can keep you busy by engaging your mind and filling your calendar. Besides all of that, joining a book club can help you meet new and intriguing people. It gives you a healthy distraction to prevent winter blues or boredom.

Check whether your local library offers events or club gatherings, such as evening programs ideal for sober night activity. If the book club does not interest you, there may be other classes available, such as crafting or author presentations.

Game Night

What better way to have fun with sober friends than a game night? While playing a game, your mind is distracted, and you are occupied. Depending on the board game that you play, different parts of your brain will be engaged. For example, if you play monopoly, chess, or scrabble, they not only enhance brain power but add excitement too. This is a great way to maintain and enhance the relationships you already have.

Take a Sober Adventure to a Museum

Plan an adventure celebrating the culture of art at a local art museum. In Orange County, there are several art museums to choose from. Beyond art, there is an automotive museum in Mission Viejo that features one of the largest collections of Ferraris in North America.

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, there is always room for fun. So whether you go to a museum to learn, observe interesting exhibits, or hang out with sober friends, this is a great opportunity for fun in the wintertime.

Plan a Winter Fire With Friends

The smell of marshmallows roasting by a campfire can take you back to a simpler time. Maybe you are the type of person who enjoys being outside. Just because it is chilly does not mean you cannot go out; you just have to keep in mind to dress for the cold.

Plan a sober winter fire with whomever you choose. A bonfire can give you the calm and relaxation you crave in the wintertime without the boredom that can come with it. Whether you have a book in hand or you choose to invite friends over and roast hot dogs and marshmallows, a fire is a great way to spend an evening.

Wrap Up With Sober Activities

There are dozens of sober winter activities to explore. At Laguna Shores Recovery, we offer an alumni program that engages recovery with an open-minded concept. We value your recovery journey and want to meet you right where you are. 

Most people find that the colder it gets, the more boredom can present itself. Therefore, paying attention to how you feel within this space is important to decrease the risk of relapse. Finding sober activities you can do in the winter can be helpful in many ways and create a place of support through connection.

Perhaps you find yourself having a difficult time in the colder months. If so, we will meet you with unconditional positive regard to support you and guide you to your best self.

Just because the temperature has plummeted does not mean your moods have to. Gaining awareness of how you respond to the season’s change is a proactive approach to your recovery. Unfortunately, keeping up with healthy recovery activities during the winter can be hard. Luckily, sober activities can be anything that you want them to be. There is no right or wrong when planning an activity. At Laguna Shores Recovery, we understand that any change can shake up your recovery journey. That is why we have many different recovery treatment options and an alumni program tailored toward your needs. Give us a call at (866) 774-1532 to find out more.