How Should Alumni Programs Support Long-Term Recovery?

How Should Alumni Programs Support Long-Term Recovery?

If you or a loved one has just completed inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment for addiction, you may be aware of a community of alumni you can join post-treatment through the program you graduated from. In long-term recovery, alumni support is as strategically important as support for inpatient residents. This is because even after the … Read more

The Benefits of Community Service for Long-term Recovery

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Have you struggled with feelings of isolation during recovery? Are you hoping to re-enter society after a long journey to sobriety? Do you want to re-connect with others and even to give back to the community? Everyone needs a strong local community to thrive, and recovering individuals especially need to be surrounded by support. Some … Read more

The Benefits of Art Therapy for Recovery

Did you know that emotional healing is a big part of recovery from addiction? Medical professionals have sought out many ways to facilitate the restoration of healthy emotional expression. One of these approaches is art therapy. The use of art therapy as a supplementary intervention strategy has been used effectively in the treatments of cancer, mental … Read more

Do I Have to Avoid Triggers in Recovery?

Achieving sobriety, successfully finishing a residential detox or treatment program, or having months or years in recovery are all milestones to celebrate. After a time, though, complacency and over-confidence may set in. Although many suggest that you should avoid triggers in mid-to-long-term recovery, part of you may doubt this kind of strict “abstinence.” It is … Read more

Recovery and Coping Strategies for Parenting

Are you a parent who is in recovery from addiction? Parenting, even without the addition of substance abuse recovery, can be challenging. You must attend to your child’s basic needs and routines; you must make sure that they are meeting developmental milestones; you also want to see them growing academically and thriving socially. It takes … Read more