What Are the Dangers of Home Detox Kits?

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Home detox kits are sold across the internet and are rising in popularity among addicts. However, they pose a significant risk to those who use them. But what are home detox kits and the dangers involved when using them? We will look at the most effective ways of detoxing, so you can live the life you deserve without the kits. 

What Are Home Detox Kits?

Home drug detox kits are ingredients that claim to help people suffering from withdrawal symptoms without medical support. Usually, the home detox contains detox drinks and pills made with Niacin, Lecithin, Vitamin C, and Vinegar. However, no evidence supports that these home detox products work. Most home drug detox kits claim to help people flush drugs out of their system. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use Home Detox Kits

It’s important to know that these detox kits are not regulated or supported by scientific research. The absence of medical supervision also makes these kits very dangerous. Only moderate positive user feedback has been from those who use these kits to cheat THC dry tests. For this reason, the kits have been said to take several days to flush the drug out of their system. These detox kits are unrelated to the professional detox programs we run at Laguna Shores Recovery Center. Further, they are not designed to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

When these products are advertised as “detox kits,” this is false. They will not give you a true sense of what a “detox” means. In addition, they do not help you move through withdrawal to flush your body of an overload of substance abuse. These kits are there to cheat drug tests rather than as a useful modality to heal from addiction. 

Due to the lack of regulation and testing with these kits, you may also have an adverse reaction to the ingredients in the kits. Detox kits are carried out at home without supervision, whereas a professional medical detox is carried out at professional centers like Laguna Shores Recovery Center. 

So, What Is Medical Detox?

Detoxification is the first step in addiction treatment for clients who require medication-assisted therapy for substance abuse. At Laguna Shores Recovery Center, our detox process involves flushing the toxins out of your bloodstream. The idea is to control your symptoms of drug withdrawal when you start your recovery. This allows you to recover slowly to reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Relying on at-home detox kits for substance withdrawal without support or correct treatment may be dangerous or even deadly. 

The symptoms you suffer from may escalate to life-threatening depending on the degree of substance dependency. Detox kits may also be used alone at home if someone is too afraid to admit they need help and seek the medical treatment they deserve. If you are considering purchasing a home detox kit, know that their success rates aren’t proven, and it can be extremely dangerous to withdraw by yourself. Seek the medical help you deserve for a healthy and happier life. 

Detox at Laguna Shores Recovery Center

At Laguna Shores Recovery Center, we specialize in medical detox treatment. Medical detox is important because, without proper supervision and guidance, your withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, including the possibility of death. That’s why detox centers like Laguna Shores Recovery Center offer a safe environment guided by medical professionals to help guide you through the withdrawal process. Know that you are worthy and deserve to take this step in getting clean so you can live the life you have always dreamed of. 

Joy, peace, and connection to yourself and others are on the other side of this treatment. The detox treatment is comprised of three crucial steps. 

  • Evaluation: This is the first stage of the detox process. We evaluate the patient through a questionnaire, physical examination, and a series of blood tests and screenings to see if there are any physical or mental health problems. From the results, our therapists will be able to tell if the patient’s body can withstand the effects of withdrawal symptoms. They will then create an effective treatment plan to support their recovery. 
  • Stabilization: This is the second step of the process, where medications are usually administrated to the individual to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Here, professionals will help you get sober while remaining mentally stable. The duration and intensity of withdrawal symptoms vary on the individual and the severity of the addiction. 
  • Preparation: The last stage of the process prepares you for the treatment. Health professionals educate you about the necessity of undergoing therapy to improve your chances of creating a healthier and happier life beyond addiction. 

It’s important to highlight that support doesn’t just stop after the detox program. Therapy sessions and group meetings are just some of the support available to you beyond your detox.

When you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the first step in recovery is a detox. To go through this process safely and effectively, you have to seek help from a recovery center. Home detox kits are unregulated and potentially very dangerous when used alone. Laguna Shores Recovery Center offers medical detox to make withdrawal manageable and start you toward a successful recovery. If you are looking to work with a team of health professionals you can trust, visit Laguna Shores Recovery Center. Our compassionate staff has all been through recovery themselves. We know the challenges. Our full-service line is designed just for you or your loved ones. Call (866) 774-1532.