Family Dynamics and Triggers During the Holidays

man in gray suit jacket holding white ceramic mug during family dinner

Does the holiday season tend to bring you extra stress rather than joy? Do you fear emotional triggers during family reunions because of some strained relationships? Maybe you find this year’s holiday expectations particularly challenging if you have just entered early sobriety. The holidays might present many festive opportunities for drinking or peer pressures to … Read more

Can You Overcome Genetics in Addiction?

Why are some people more likely to become addicted while others are not? Does this have to do with genetics? For years, scientists have discussed the biological link between genetics and their influence on addiction. Thanks to more recent genome sequencing techniques, there is more information to help shed light on the connection between genetics … Read more

Breaking Generational Dysfunction

Families are places where loving relationships and trust are meant to flourish. However, in reality, destructive patterns abound in families, and some get passed down from one generation to the next. Tragically, dysfunction in one generation can beget dysfunctions in the next.  Unfortunately, the human community continues to produce fractured families. However, this does not … Read more

Emotional Flatness: How to Restore Your Emotions

Do you remember a time when life used to feel like a rainbow full of bright colors? Or sometimes it can also feel like a roller coaster ride with emotional ups and downs? Have you noticed that your current emotional life is in a different place than before?  Instead of experiencing the natural, exciting waves … Read more